Do you have hazardous waste chemicals taking up valuable work space? Are your storage cabinets filled with out-dated chemicals? These storage areas often contain different types of hazardous waste chemicals in various size containers and may pose a serious health risk to personnel when stored improperly. If you answered yes to any of theses questions, then let Allied Chemical Disposal Services take the worry out of you chemical and hazardous waste disposal needs through our Lab Pack program. 

Contact us in Brooklyn, Connecticut, or Rhode Island, RI, for waste management and chemical disposal services. Contact us in Brooklyn, Connecticut, or Rhode Island, RI, for waste management and chemical disposal services.

Due to limited resources, you may not have time to prepare a chemical inventory list needed to provide to the hazardous waste disposal companies. However, the more comprehensive the list, the more precise the hazardous waste disposal company can be with your quote. Allied Chemical Disposal Services will work with you to develop an accurate Chemical Inventory List that shows the chemical constituents, chemical hazards, quantity of material, container size, and type. We also have the knowledge and resources to properly identify and categorize unknown or mislabeled hazardous waste chemicals. Allied Chemical Disposal Services will segregate the material according to chemical compatibility and package in DOT approved containers. We will also provide the corresponding packing list and manifest for each container to be disposed. A Certificate of Disposal can be provided upon request. The next time you need to dispose of unwanted hazardous waste chemicals and wonder how much this will cost, call Allied Chemical Disposal Services to discuss how we can help meet your disposal needs.

To report oil and chemical spills, call the National Response Center: 1-800-424-8802.


Unused or out-dated pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers can be dangerous and take up valuable storage space. These chemicals can be hazardous and pose a significant health risk when stored improperly. It is illegal to bury, burn or dump any pesticide and they cannot be deposited in your local landfill. When the containers leak, they can mix with other chemicals and contaminate the ground. Cleanup can be time consuming and expensive. Let Allied Chemical Disposal Services dispose of these hazardous waste chemicals before it's too late.

With 12 years of knowledge and experience, Allied Chemical Disposal Services can package and dispose of the hazardous waste chemicals before any mishap occurs. We will categorize the material and package in DOT approved containers. Each container will be accompanied by a packing slip identifying all material in the containers. We take the headache out of chemical disposal so you can get on with your business.

Call us at (866) 527-1797 and we will supply you with a quote and answer any questions you may have.  

Contact us in Brooklyn, Connecticut, or Rhode Island, RI, for waste management such as chemical disposal services. Contact us in Brooklyn, Connecticut, or Rhode Island, RI, for waste management such as chemical disposal services.

For more information on pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, contact the Environmental Protection Agency or click on their web sit at http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/ 

National Pesticide Information Center 1-800-858-7378 


Does your garage or basement contain unwanted hazardous waste chemicals? Has your home improvement project left you with gallons of unused paint? Has the previous owner left you with unknown hazardous waste chemicals in the garage?

Then Allied Chemical Disposal Services can help.

Allied Chemical Disposal Services can provide you with disposal of the following material:

Household Chemicals
Mercury Thermostats
Computer Equipment

Contact us in Brooklyn, Connecticut, or Rhode Island, RI, for waste management such as chemical disposal services.

Fluorescent Lights
Contaminated Soil
Old Fuel Tanks
Tar Patch
Aerosol Paints

When you care for yourself, your home, your yard and your garden you use a variety of 
chemical products. Many of these common household products contain hazardous
chemicals. When we no longer want these products they become hazardous waste. Most
household products are not harmful if used according to label directions. However, they
can become harmful if you use them improperly, store them improperly, or dispose of
them improperly.

Most people dispose of hazardous chemicals by throwing them in the trash, pouring them
down the drain, or burning them. These practices are dangerous. Waste from hazardous
household products can contaminate lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater. Often only
a small amount of a hazardous chemicals can cause serious problems. It only takes one
gallon of oil to contaminate one million gallons of water.
Much of the residential trash is collected door-to-door by private companies or is taken to
drop-off centers by individuals. Ultimately the trash is taken to a landfill. Most landfills are
not designed for hazardous household wastes. Hazardous waste chemicals can leak into water
supplies or cause air pollution, or both.

Hazardous household waste may cause a fire, an explosion or give off dangerous fumes.
Sanitation workers have been seriously burned, lost their eyesight or suffered lung
damage while compacting hazardous materials.

Safe Storage Recommendations

1. Keep hazardous chemicals high on shelves or in locked cabinets away from children.
2. Protect the label.
3. Store hazardous household chemicals in the original container with the original labels.
4. Make sure all containers are closed tightly.
5. Keep containers dry to prevent corrosion.
6. Store similar products together to reduce any danger from reactions if containers
    should leak or contents should spill.
7. Store hazardous household products in a well ventilated area.

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